I started re-engaging with social media when the pandemic began as a way to stay on top of the news. At this point, 115 days in, these sites have lost their value.

The reason is stagnation. Everything has stagnated: news about the virus, changes in recommendations for how to avoid the disease, and our government’s response to COVID. There’s nothing to learn each day except how many newly infected people were tallied the previous day (which in itself is a kind of stagnation because we all know how exponential growth works).

Everything boils down to this:

  • The US has abdicated its duty to its people
  • Spread will continue unabated here until there is a vaccine, which might happen by the end of the year
  • The numbers are going to get worse every day until that vaccine arrives
  • Stay at home
  • If you have to go out: wear a mask, maintain distance from others, and wash your hands frequently

All I’m getting from reading Twitter and Reddit is anger, anxiety, and sadness, and that’s unhealthy. This is not how I want to–or should–spend my time.1

I’ll continue to post here and on Micro.blog, but that’ll be it for social engagement (except for a couple of private Slack teams). This site has an RSS feed, so feel free to subscribe.

Stay safe, everyone. ✌️

  1. Mastodon is okay, but engagement there has dropped off and I don't see a reason to keep hanging out in an empty room.