Can essential child care during Covid-19 offer a model to schools this fall? – CNN

Laura Jarrett:

Classrooms are limited to only nine children and sprayed down with an industrial-strength cleaning solution at least once a day.

If a child falls ill during the day — which Ramage says has happened only twice — there are "isolation rooms" and parents are called to come pick the child up. But so far, not a single case of Covid-19 has been reported.

Zero cases while caring for kids of essential workers, like folks who work in hospitals treating coronavirus patients. This is super interesting. But before we get too excited:

But safety comes with a steep cost, making all of these enhanced measures and protocols unrealistic for some school districts to put into practice on a large scale.

Our public schools in America are already severely underfunded, so it’s hard to see how this model could be rolled out nationwide without massive federal assistance. Republicans have already demanded that kids go back to school without offering any assistance with the effort, so it’s hard to imagine them suddenly getting on board with a massive funding initiative. Hell, they can’t even be arsed to pass a new stimulus package for the 30 million people who are still unemployed.