It was bad enough being trapped at home by the virus. Now that summer has really gotten settled over the Midwest, going outside for something simple like a walk is unpleasant due to the heat and humidity. When I woke up this morning, the humidity was 85%. It's down to 51% now, but the heat index is 103º, and we're under a heat advisory for this weekend. I wanna go outside but I don't wanna.

But we have managed to get outside lately (even if it's just outside in the driveway). My kids and I found this practically outside our door yesterday, and I love it:

My oldest flipped out when I told her that it's a purple passionflower and it produces fruit. She's really, really into edible plants these days. We bought her a plastic foldable guide to local edible plants, and she got mad at it for not being comprehensive. So we upgraded her to a full-on field guide. She read it for almost two hours straight the day she got it. I've wanted to learn about wild edible plants in the past, but I never thought I'd do so by having my kid teach me about them.

Sometimes it's hard to remember how old she really is. One minute she's telling me about the medicinal properties of wild ginger using words that are way outside what should be her vocabulary, the next she's pretending to be a fairy with her sister.