Americans Don’t Get How Badly They’re Handling COVID-19 – The Atlantic

Thomas Chatterton Williams:

American leadership has politicized the pandemic instead of trying to fight it. I see no preparedness, no coordinated top-down leadership of the sort we’ve enjoyed in Europe. I see only empty posturing, the sad spectacle of the president refusing to wear a mask, just to own the libs. What an astonishing self-inflicted wound.

The rest of the world is looking at us and seeing nothing but failure. The US is a joke. Thanks, Trump voters.

COVID-19, Day 110

One hundred and ten days. A round number. Not that it has any significant meaning. But it’s round and a factor of 10 so the mind treats it differently.

Get a load of this graph:


That upslope is unfathomable and, put alongside the graphs of other countries, shows the utter failure of both our government and our citizenry. The government failed to help the people, and the people failed to help each other.

In any reasonable society, the government would act to stop the spread of a pandemic. In any reasonable society, those in charge would be held accountable for the malfeasance that produced the graph above. In any reasonable society, wearing a mask to protect others wouldn’t become a badge of political affiliation and thereby a reason to hate someone.

The United States is not a reasonable society. It is an embarrassment. A failed state. I am finding myself, once again, ashamed to call myself an American.

In the Covid-19 Economy, You Can Have a Kid or a Job. You Can’t Have Both. – The New York Times

Deb Perelman:

I resent articles that view the struggle of working parents this year as an emotional concern. We are not burned out because life is hard this year. We are burned out because we are being rolled over by the wheels of an economy that has bafflingly declared working parents inessential.

Every parent I know is staring down the barrel of home schooling their kids while working this fall and winter.

Cases are spiking. The US recorded more new cases today than the total number of cases that were reported in Wuhan. I find it highly unlikely that, given our trajectory, schools will reopen this fall. It’s wishful thinking.

We won’t know the real pain caused by this until we see jobs data starting in around October or November. A lot of people, almost entirely women, will voluntarily leave the job force. The economic effects are gonna be bad, but the damage that will be done to the morale of women who have fought hard to make careers for themselves will be much worse.

Thursday 2nd of July 2020

I grew up in rural Texas. I went through Texas history (multiple times) and American history. I took two US history courses in college. I never learned about what happened in Tulsa in 1921. Disgraceful.

COVID-19, Day 109

We're halfway through this wretched year. Thank the gods.

Richmond, Virginia pulled down a bunch of confederate monuments today. Good on them. I watched a live stream of Stonewall Jackson being taken down. Warmed my heart. Especially loved the part where a pro-confederate protester showed up with a big flag and the crowd stole his flag and lit it on fire.

Richmond's mayor has a lot to answer for–including the fact that people protesting against racist eviction laws were being arrested en masse while Stonewall was coming down–but he got this right. Now he needs to put a chief of police in who won't gas protesters. It's happening nightly there, still, after over a month of protests. Unacceptable.