Donald Trump begins rolling back DACA in defiance of the Supreme Court. – Slate

Mark Joseph Stern:

The Trump administration announced on Tuesday that it will continue to defy a federal court order compelling the full restoration of DACA, the Obama-era program that allows 700,000 immigrants to live and work in the United States legally. By doing so, the administration has chosen to flout a decision by the Supreme Court, effectively rejecting the judiciary’s authority to say what the law is.

But will anyone do anything besides grouse and point out there's an election in a couple months? Both sides are letting him get away with things like this. It's a bad precedent that's going to cause even more problems in the future.

“Defendant Shall Not Attend Protests”: In Portland, Getting Out of Jail Requires Relinquishing Constitutional Rights — ProPublica

Dara Lind:

Legal experts describe the move as a blatant violation of the constitutional right to free assembly, but at least 12 protesters arrested in recent weeks have been specifically barred from attending protests or demonstrations as they await trials on federal misdemeanor charges.

There's no way in hell I'd agree to this because it's constitutionally invalid.

COVID-19, Day 136

I thought about listening to Bill Barr’s testimony today, but I figured it would do nothing but make me angry, so I opted to read through the summaries after the fact. That was a smart move, as Jim Jordan’s opening statement probably would have made my head explode.

Speaking of 🤯, check out this headline at the Daily Beeast: Trump’s New Favorite COVID Doctor Believes in Alien DNA, Demon Sperm, and Hydroxychloroquine

Oh, and here’s another 🤯: The US crossed 150,000 deaths today.

And I leave you with one 😂: Trump’s slack-jawed mouth-breather of a son got his Twitter account locked after spreading fake news.

COVID-19, Day 135

The DNC voted against adopting Medicare For All as part of the official platform today, and I cannot for the life of me understand why that party wants to lose so badly in November.

Sunday 26th of July 2020

How many times is Larry Kudlow going to appear on Sunday morning shows–representing the White House–drunk as a skunk before someone says, “Hey, Larry, maybe don’t do that?”

COVID-19, Day 133

Roughly 100 days until the election (if it happens). Now would be a great time to check your voter registration, update your address on your driver's license if you've moved, and just generally make sure that any small detail that could get you denied at the voting station is squared away.

COVID-19, Days 131 and 132

It was bad enough being trapped at home by the virus. Now that summer has really gotten settled over the Midwest, going outside for something simple like a walk is unpleasant due to the heat and humidity. When I woke up this morning, the humidity was 85%. It’s down to 51% now, but the heat index is 103º, and we’re under a heat advisory for this weekend. I wanna go outside but I don’t wanna.

But we have managed to get outside lately (even if it’s just outside in the driveway). My kids and I found this practically outside our door yesterday, and I love it:

My oldest flipped out when I told her that it’s a purple passionflower and it produces fruit. She’s really, really into edible plants these days. We bought her a plastic foldable guide to local edible plants, and she got mad at it for not being comprehensive. So we upgraded her to a full-on field guide. She read it for almost two hours straight the day she got it. I’ve wanted to learn about wild edible plants in the past, but I never thought I’d do so by having my kid teach me about them.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember how old she really is. One minute she’s telling me about the medicinal properties of wild ginger using words that are way outside what should be her vocabulary, the next she’s pretending to be a fairy with her sister.