I keep seeing folks online saying the Republicans have given up hope of Trump being reelected. As a result, they’re purposely tanking the economy as a middle finger to Joe Biden. See also: this article at the Washington Post saying pretty much the same thing.

This seems plausible, though you’d never get a single one of them to admit it. Beyond wrecking the economy, though, that plan is going to cost thousands of people their lives. Who will be held to account? And when?

Also, we’re finally starting to see some backlash against Dr. Birx in the press and from top Democrats. Good. I was certain about her back in April. Anyone who’s willing to go on the Sunday morning shows and say we’re headed for disaster while also refusing to say anything negative about Trump and his response has less than zero credibility. This leads to the kind of mistrust in science that causes people to become anti-vaxxers.