COVID-19, Day 142

Imagine having the gall to chastise people who don’t want to work in unsafe conditions–most of whom are low-income and/or BIPOC–for not throwing their bodies in the path of an economy in free fall just to save your party’s hopes for winning in November.

The reason people don’t want to “reengage in the economy” is because doing so could LITERALLY KILL YOU. We should be incentivizing people to stay home so they don’t get sick, not demanding that they get out there and sacrifice themselves so the economy will recover.

“Our economy needs to recover” is Republican slang for “we want Trump to get reelected and that likely won’t happen when the economy is in the toilet.” It’s not about the economy or the well-being of this guy’s constituents; it’s self-serving bullshit wrapped in a disingenuous platitude. He aims to get people killed for political points.

Ron Johnson is either morbidly stupid or willfully obtuse. I’m not sure which is worse, but this sort of heartless rhetoric should be disqualifying. He shouldn’t be in office.

🚨BY THE WAY 🚨 We’re three months out from the election. Get registered.