COVID-19, Day 142

Imagine having the gall to chastise people who don’t want to work in unsafe conditions–most of whom are low-income and/or BIPOC–for not throwing their bodies in the path of an economy in free fall just to save your party’s hopes for winning in November.

The reason people don’t want to “reengage in the economy” is because doing so could LITERALLY KILL YOU. We should be incentivizing people to stay home so they don’t get sick, not demanding that they get out there and sacrifice themselves so the economy will recover.

“Our economy needs to recover” is Republican slang for “we want Trump to get reelected and that likely won’t happen when the economy is in the toilet.” It’s not about the economy or the well-being of this guy’s constituents; it’s self-serving bullshit wrapped in a disingenuous platitude. He aims to get people killed for political points.

Ron Johnson is either morbidly stupid or willfully obtuse. I’m not sure which is worse, but this sort of heartless rhetoric should be disqualifying. He shouldn’t be in office.

🚨BY THE WAY 🚨 We’re three months out from the election. Get registered.

Some Missouri health agencies received no COVID-19 money | The Kansas City Star

Katie Moore and Matthew Kelly:

In the past two weeks, Missouri has had the second highest rate of new cases in the country, second only to Connecticut, according to the COVID Exit Strategy.

Against this, local public health agencies across the state are trying to ramp up testing and contact tracing but say their hands are tied because the state delivered the federal aid not to them, but to their local county commissions. And the county commissioners in many places have held up the money.

Some counties have paid outside advisers to manage the funds, have put private businesses first or have considered just giving the money back to the federal government.

Red states gonna red state.

COVID-19, Day 141

I keep seeing folks online saying the Republicans have given up hope of Trump being reelected. As a result, they’re purposely tanking the economy as a middle finger to Joe Biden. See also: this article at the Washington Post saying pretty much the same thing.

This seems plausible, though you’d never get a single one of them to admit it. Beyond wrecking the economy, though, that plan is going to cost thousands of people their lives. Who will be held to account? And when?

Also, we’re finally starting to see some backlash against Dr. Birx in the press and from top Democrats. Good. I was certain about her back in April. Anyone who’s willing to go on the Sunday morning shows and say we’re headed for disaster while also refusing to say anything negative about Trump and his response has less than zero credibility. This leads to the kind of mistrust in science that causes people to become anti-vaxxers.

COVID-19, Day 140

One hundred and forty days. A round number. Not that it has any significant meaning. But it’s round and a factor of 10 so the mind treats it differently.

August! It’s August. July is done. School approaches. Still worried about it. It’s going to introduce new challenges beyond just having the kids home all summer while we work. I have no idea what their day-to-day will look like or how we will be involved in it. Our youngest will be starting kindergarten via a computer screen which seems SUPER WEIRD.

Also, I’ve gotta start posting these things after I write them and not the day after. Whoops.