COVID-19, Day 206

On Sunday, I had an in-person beer with a friend in his back yard, socially distanced. It was really, really nice to see a human being who wasn’t my family or a potential plague carrier that I had to dodge.

No-News Break is going poorly thanks to Trump catching COVID. In addition to people sending me news–which is fine!–I’ve checked a couple of times just to see if he or anyone else at the super spreader event has died. Not that it matters greatly, but part of me insists on knowing. I’m not doomscrolling feeds, though, and I haven’t reinstalled Twitter anywhere.

I had a chance to investigate our in-person voting option in our new city, and it’s surprisingly good! No line when I visited in the middle of the afternoon, good foot traffic control, enforced social distancing, everyone wearing masks, plexiglass everywhere, plentiful hand sanitizer. I was planning to do mail-in voting up until I saw how they were running their ship. I think we’ll be voting in-person after all as soon as our registration gets processed.