Tuesday 13th of October 2020

These SCOTUS hearings are nonsense. The decision has already been made. Might as well skip the partisan screaming matches and confirm her already. If Kavanaugh made it through, this woman should literally waltz to the finish line. 😡🤬

A shocking number of women dropped out of the workforce last month – CNN

Anneken Tappe:

About 617,000 women left the workforce in September alone, compared with only 78,000 men, according to government data released Friday. Half of the women who dropped out were in the prime working age of 35-44.

Saw this coming. This, combined with the backward-thinking SCOTUS nominee the GOP put forward, is going to set women back by decades, which is exactly what Republicans want. Barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen taking orders from men–that’s the ideal Republican woman. How depressing.