Well, here it is. Election Day. Woke up before my alarm went off and couldn’t go back to sleep. Brain’s been scattered all day. Trouble focusing. Sounds like everyone I know is in the same boat.

Saw that the Dow is way, way up and figured, “Okay, the market’s saying Trump is going to win.” Of course, I have absolutely nothing to back that up except speculation. My thinking goes like this: the markets love Republicans because they deregulate things and let corporations run roughshod over everyone. They fear Democrats because they regulate corporations and attempt to make them pay taxes and not abuse employees or the environment. Maybe the markets know something we don’t? Who knows? Seems about as reliable as polling data.

On the bright side, we’re planning to try to have fun tonight. Snacks galore, the TV set to CNN while we watch the results, good or bad, and explain how this whole thing works to our kids, who are surprisingly interested in the whole ordeal. I refused to buy a bottle of champagne this year, though. In 2016, we drank it in despair, and I’m afraid that planning to celebrate a positive outcome with bubbly would somehow jinx it.

I’m normally not this superstitious.

To kill a few minutes today, I rewrote my Micro.blog posting action for Drafts so that it now supports both Micro.blog AND Twitter. There are checkboxes that let you choose to send your post to one, the other, or both. Sometimes I wanna cross-post, sometimes I don’t, y’know?

I think the thing that’s bothering me most about today is that, even though I know it could be the beginning of a turning point, the problems of the last four years won’t disappear at midnight. The election itself could drag on for weeks, the virus isn’t going away, and we’ve got the Trump regime in power until at least late January. Who knows what kind of trouble they’ll cause during the lame-duck period? What about their supporters, who will either be emboldened or super-pissed?

Kinda wish I could sleep until it’s all settled.