Thursday 28th of January 2021

If you had told younger-me who was at a Static-X concert back in 2000 that I’d be listening to their first album while doing dishes and waiting for my kids to finish eating, I would have called you fucking nuts.

USA Downgraded from Democracy to Anocracy (“Part Democracy and Part Dictatorship”) –

Jason Kottke:

Their analysis also places the US at “high risk of impending political instability (i.e., adverse regime change and/or onset of political violence)” and designates “the ongoing efforts of the USA executive to circumvent electoral outcomes and subvert democratic processes as an ‘attempted (presidential) coup’”.

This, plus yesterday’s terrorism alert from DHS about possible impending political violence from the right, makes it pretty clear that the US is headed for a Real Bad Time™, and there may not be much we can do about it.

Trump Fails to Ascend as God Emperor, Leaving Diehard Fans Adrift –

Anna Merlan and Mack Lamoureux:

At least one group, the Proud Boys, has seized upon the void Trump’s departure has left in his followers’ lives. On one of their official channels on Telegram they tell Trump fans “here is hope. Not for Trump to become president, but there is hope for our future. Abandon the GOP. Embrace the ultranationalist 3rd position.”

This is exactly what we should be worried about right now. White supremacist groups tend to use moments like this to recruit people, which is why it’s important to make sure they don’t have access to places where recruitment can happen.

Deplatforming isn’t just about getting the loud, obnoxious Nazi out of the bar. You want to make sure he doesn’t come back with his friends and start putting up flyers.