COVID-19, Day 535

[brushes dust off blog]

It’s been a while. My last COVID post was on day 272, 263 days ago. Since then, we’ve finished a year of virtual school, and both Miriam and I have gotten vaccinated. We began easing up on our self-imposed lockdown, started to get to know the city we moved to last fall, but then the delta variant ripped through the US, and now we’re back to staying at home all the time.

School is about to start again, but that’s going to be very different this year, as we’ve chosen to home school the kids until they can get vaccinated. Despite the local school system’s continued assurances that they’re going to do everything right, I also realize that each person in the school–students and staff alike–present a potential point of failure, as does each of the parents.

I can’t bring myself to trust that many people, especially after watching some of those people elect a man who suggested drinking bleach to cure COVID, watching people follow through and actually drink the bleach, watching them take horse dewormer while refusing to wear masks or get vaccinated and screaming incoherently at school board meetings about freedom and microchips, watching people attempt to prove they’re magnetic because they got vaccinated, watching people screech about a make-believe cabal of liberal politicians that eats babies.

No. No, thank you. I’ll keep my kids at home for now.

Thing is, we’re also going to be attempting to work full-time. I’m very much not looking forward to the challenges coming this fall, but I am looking forward to the good parts of fall–cooler temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes (I like them, fight me), pumpkin beer, apple cider donuts, spending more time in the back yard, hanging out around a fire pit. The world is most assuredly on fire, but these small pleasures are going to help, and I intend to lean into them.