Sitting on the couch, I attempted to shift my weight, and everything in my lower right back felt like it tore like a sheet of paper followed by intense burning. And now I’m fine?

JFC why am I like this.

The amount of data you hand over to Google just by using YouTube is ludicrous. Stay logged out. Use a VPN. Be untrackable.

True story: I’ve never liked, subscribed, or clicked a thumbs-up on YouTube. I never use that service while logged in to my Google account. In fact, I almost never log into my Google account, and when I do, it’s in a private browsing window.

Catching up on Drag Race.

That was the worst Snatch Game I’ve seen. Ever.

If you’re using my port of the Night Owl theme for Drafts, it’s time to update. I just pushed a fix for an annoying message banner color issue.

Tell me about a site you love whose RSS feed I should have in my Feedbin account.

Wordle 259 6/6