COVID-19, Day 187

Our kids finally start school tomorrow. We moved halfway across the country a week ago, and our previous pediatrician slow-walked some paperwork to the new school, so we’re over a week late with enrollment. But it’s finally done–with almost zero notice for the kids. They’re a bit shell shocked that tomorrow’s the first day.

Our belongings are still on a semi headed for our new city, so we’ll be gathering around a long folding table with the kids for day one. No idea how we’re going to work while sitting next to them, shepherding them through their day while answering phone calls and pings on Slack.

I hate this.

Not the moving part, not the being without furniture part, not even the part where we have to be teacher’s aides. I hate that this was avoidable. Our kids could be in school if our government and a bunch of right-wing idiots had just done the right thing. We could be mostly back to normal if it weren’t for a handful of incredibly selfish cretins.

More than six months in and the CDC says we’ve got almost a year until enough vaccine doses exist to start distributing them to the general population. Ten or more months until things can start to move back toward normal.

Thanks, Trump voters.

Thursday 3rd of September 2020

It’d be cool if the pandemic led to people putting away their cell phones at concerts when concerts are a thing again.

Just be there in the moment. Stop recording everything and actually experience something.

COVID-19, Day 171

Today is the first day of meteorological fall. The equinox is still three weeks away, but I don't care. It is now fall. Fall is what it is. Decorative gourd season.

I'm almost convinced that I have a form of seasonal affective disorder, but instead of the normal variety tied to short days during winter, mine is tied to heat and excessively long hours of sunlight.

Bring on winter.