TIL that ActivityPub is very cool. I’ve linked up my Mastodon account with Micro.blog. You can follow my Mastodon posts using M.B here.

I know three very, very talented Ruby developers that are looking for work. If you know someone who needs help on a project, hit me up.

I will never understand people who put ice in their coffee to cool it off. Just let it cool off naturally! Don’t water it down! Have patience!

Luckily, removing the offending spam entries was a simple one-line query from the Rails console because the spammer was dumb enough to use URLs that had an easy-to-query-for pattern.

School canceled for tomorrow because our predicted wind chill at 6 am is supposed to be -30°.

At least now we don't have to get up early?

I just got some coffee in the mail from Heart in Portland and immediately made a cup. ❤️☕️