Thoughts are with the folks in Ottawa and Canada in general. Tomorrow’s counterprotests are going to be harrowing but necessary. Give ‘em hell.

The company I bought some sriracha sauce from a month ago has been sending me near-daily emails asking me if the sauce is good and if I’d like to order some more.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Everyone is complimenting the USPS for how easy and fast the free covid test signup site is to use. Wait until they find out that it’s just sending data to dev/null.

Should have gotten that in 3.

Wordle 211 4/6


I can’t bring myself to uproot my family and move again. Where would we go? After 2024, it won’t matter where you live in the US, anyway. The entire world is experiencing a hard swing to the right.

We moved To Virginia because it was heading in a really progressive direction. One election cycle later and the state has become a punchline. There’s little difference now between VA and TX/FL. I feel defeated, demoralized, and angry.

However, I shoveled our sidewalk, the neighbor’s, and part of another neighbor’s.