COVID-19, Day 65

Our oldest had her last school Zoom call this morning. There were many tears after she suddenly realized she wouldn’t see her friends again. Normally I’d help out by offering to schedule a play date or whatever but nope, can’t do that. What a bummer.

On a completely unrelated note, after this is over, there are a few things I won’t be buying at the store anymore because I’ve discovered how easy they are to make at home. In no order:

  • Paneer
  • Ricotta
  • Sour cream
  • Chipotle’s guacmole (recipe)
  • Toaster waffles
  • Granola

COVID-19, Days 63 and 64

Yesterday's WTF was delivered by an ice cream truck driving around doing its thing. In a close second was a family taking wedding photos in a park.

Hopefully today won't have any WTF moments.

To help with that, I've decided to stop reading the news, or to at least stop following it so closely. It's not benefitting me, and it's the same rinse-and-repeat stories day after day.

My wife helped bring me around. I was explaining to her my irrational anxiety about things:

"I feel like it's my responsibility [to read the news]. Like I need to know what's happening so, if the time comes that we need to leave [the country], we'll be prepared."

"But where are you going to go? Most of the world is experiencing a swing toward right wing authoritarianism," she said.

"And instead of planning for a hypothetical future, it would be more helpful for you to be here, present, for the family."

COVID-19, Day 62

Tonight is national pizza party day. We're ordering out for the second time since this whole thing started. I'm excited to have a night off from cooking. Not so pumped about getting a potentially contaminated pizza box, but pizza seems far less risky than other options. Minimal packaging, easy to transfer to another container, and we can toss it in the oven for a few minutes of high-heat germ obliteration.

I realize I'm being paranoid. I get it. But some experts are saying that 70% of the US is going to get infected and I see it as a challenge to stay in the 30% that doesn't.

Speaking of what day it is, we picked up one of these National Day calendars as a goof at the end of last year. It's turned out to be pretty handy during the apocalypse. Every week, we look at what nonsense things are being celebrated in the next seven days. We pick one, and we make it a family thing. It gives us something to look forward to and a reason to have a tiny party. It ain't much, but it helps.

And because I can't think of “pizza party” without remembering the TMNT arcade game, I installed MAME on my Mac, downloaded the ROM, connected my Switch's Pro Controller, and we're off to the races.

Why Trump refuses to wear a mask for coronavirus – Vox

BrieAnna J. Frank:

One man says: “It’s submission, it’s muzzling yourself, it looks weak – especially for men.”

I've never been able to understand men who are tied to masculinity in these ways. It's inscrutable bullshit. Masculinity in itself is a load of crap. Imagine being so insecure about which genitals you were born with that you had to resort to public displays of self harm to prove your chromosomal makeup to others. It's a form of cowardice, pure fear, plain and simple.

Also, muzzling? Does this guy go around routinely biting people? How is a mask a muzzle? This makes zero sense.

Anna North:

For Trump and Pence, not wearing a mask may be a way to project a macho image, Metzl said, playing into “tropes of indestructibility.”

No one is indestructible, which should go without saying, but, well, we aren't dealing with smart folks here. Doesn't matter how macho you are, either, since that's a social construct that has shifted so much in its definition through the ages as to be more of a trend than a concrete thing.

This all makes me so tired.

I wear a mask in public. My penis hasn't fallen off.

COVID-19, Day 59

So, if I'm following the news correctly, the House is putting forward a relief package that gives individuals $1,200 again plus $1,200 per child for up to three children. It gives a massive tax cut to the rich. And it allows debt collectors to take the aid money that might have fed your kids because debt collection lobbyists got their way.

But! Republicans in the Senate said it's DOA, possibly for no other reason than it doesn't add protections for businesses that force employees to go back to work. Don't want people to get sick and then sue you!

So, no deal. Meanwhile, people continue to suffer. Neither side seems to be trying very hard despite more than 80,000 deaths and depression-level unemployment. Our government is a failure.

Second-guessing the modern web –

Tom MacWright:

Server-Sider Rendering runs your JavaScript frontend code on the backend, creating a filled-out HTML page. The user loads the page, which is filled-out, and then the JavaScript loads and makes the page interactive.

This is insanity, a convoluted Rube Goldberg machine of HTML rendering with the sole purpose of shoehorning JavaScript into as many crevices of the web development cycle as possible because heaven forbid you should have to learn more than one language. No one should do this. Ever.

Don’t even get me started on bundle splitting, which I hadn’t heard of before reading this article.