The Apple of Your Eye – Ben Brooks

When I was talking about the Surface Studio on Twitter, someone responded “have you guys even used Windows lately”. I chuckled, because I have, and it’s shit. Anyone who thinks the Surface Studio makes up for that, is going to be really fucking sad.

I’ve had a post just like this floating around in my had, but Ben Brooks got there first.

Future Imperfect by Jared Sinclair

Hilariously, you can spend $4299 dollars on a spanking new MacBook Pro and $969 dollars on an iPhone 7 Plus — both from the same manufacturer — but you cannot connect them together without a $25 conversion cable.

Jared Sinclair’s list of various technological incompatibilities barely scratches the surface but should provide more than enough fuel for some anger in your belly. This isn’t the future that I was hoping for as a kid watching Star Trek.

Paw 3 for Mac

I’ve mentioned Paw on Twitter after falling in love with it while doing some work with an API. It’s a powerful visual HTTP client that feels like the kind of professional developer tool Apple would build. Version 3 is out now, and it includes an attractive dark theme among other more useful enhancements. It’s $49 for a new license. Users of Paw 2 can download 3 for free.