What If Trump Refuses to Concede? – The Atlantic

Barton Gellman:

According to sources in the Republican Party at the state and national levels, the Trump campaign is discussing contingency plans to bypass election results and appoint loyal electors in battleground states where Republicans hold the legislative majority. With a justification based on claims of rampant fraud, Trump would ask state legislators to set aside the popular vote and exercise their power to choose a slate of electors directly. The longer Trump succeeds in keeping the vote count in doubt, the more pressure legislators will feel to act before the safe-harbor deadline expires.

They have a plan. It’s not hypothetical.

COVID-19, Day 187

Our kids finally start school tomorrow. We moved halfway across the country a week ago, and our previous pediatrician slow-walked some paperwork to the new school, so we’re over a week late with enrollment. But it’s finally done–with almost zero notice for the kids. They’re a bit shell shocked that tomorrow’s the first day.

Our belongings are still on a semi headed for our new city, so we’ll be gathering around a long folding table with the kids for day one. No idea how we’re going to work while sitting next to them, shepherding them through their day while answering phone calls and pings on Slack.

I hate this.

Not the moving part, not the being without furniture part, not even the part where we have to be teacher’s aides. I hate that this was avoidable. Our kids could be in school if our government and a bunch of right-wing idiots had just done the right thing. We could be mostly back to normal if it weren’t for a handful of incredibly selfish cretins.

More than six months in and the CDC says we’ve got almost a year until enough vaccine doses exist to start distributing them to the general population. Ten or more months until things can start to move back toward normal.

Thanks, Trump voters.

COVID-19, Day 171

Today is the first day of meteorological fall. The equinox is still three weeks away, but I don't care. It is now fall. Fall is what it is. Decorative gourd season.

I'm almost convinced that I have a form of seasonal affective disorder, but instead of the normal variety tied to short days during winter, mine is tied to heat and excessively long hours of sunlight.

Bring on winter.

COVID-19, Day 165

Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove still have not been arrested for the murder of Breonna Taylor. It’s been 166 days.

The cop that shot Jacob Blake three days ago in Kenosha has not been arrested.

Last night, an armed white kid in Kenosha shot three protesters, killing two of them, and the cops gave him a bottle of water. He has not been arrested. [Update: his name is Kyle Rittenhouse, he’s 17, and he’s been arrested.]

Meanwhile, the RNC continues to commit rampant violations of the Hatch Act, but Mark Meadows says “nobody outside the Beltway really cares.” Laws mean nothing to the GOP and they don’t care if you know it.

Fires in California, Oregon, Colorado. A category 4 hurricane headed for the Texas/Louisiana border. Ongoing civil unrest due to unchecked racial injustices. A pandemic out of control. Rising authoritarianism coupled with voter suppression. This summer has been the most chaotic I’ve seen in my lifetime and I desperately want it to end.

COVID-19, Day 163

Had to take a break for a little bit. Lots of IRL stuff eating up my time. Good stuff, though! Which is nice for a change. Also, I was seriously burned out on the news.

Word from the kick-off of the Republican National Convention is that Grandpa Shouty’s tone during his acceptance speech has GOPers freaked out.

This is great. Keep it up! The Dems taking back the Senate? You love to see it.

COVID-19, Day 145

Super excited about the news that the NRA might get dissolved. It’s about time. As far as I’m concerned, the NRA is a domestic terrorist group. It deserves to die.

COVID-19, Day 144

Finally took our car in for much needed service. It was overdue for an oil change back in March. 😬 But it’s better now. While I waited, I sat outside on a curb instead of in the waiting room because pffft eff that. But there were people in the waiting room! Like it was no big deal! Another 1,400 people died in the US today, but sure, share stale air with other folks and have some burned coffee. Why not?

Coronavirus pandemic sets women back amid unemployment, child care crisis – USA Today

Chabeli Carrazana:

In December 2019, when coronavirus was still but a distant headline in China, women surpassed men at 50.04% of the labor force.

It was a fleeting breakthrough.

Nearly 11 million jobs held by women disappeared from February to May, erasing a decade of job gains by women in the labor force.

In June, women regained 2.9 million positions, but those jobs, which are largely in the hospitality field, remain insecure as the spread of coronavirus forces new closures.

I wrote about this about a month ago. The pandemic is going to be absolutely crippling to American women.

The Deaths of 150,000 Americans Are on Trump’s Hands | The Nation

Elie Mystal:

That president, Donald Trump, will never pay for what he’s done. Oh, he might lose an election. He might even be compelled to leave office once he loses (though that is still kind of up in the air). But Trump will never be held criminally accountable for the deaths he has caused. We cannot calculate how many Americans would have died even if we did everything right versus how many Americans have died and will die because Trump has done everything wrong, but that number is large. The delta is monstrous.

I've been beating the criminal negligence drum for a while now. It's unconscionable that Trump and the GOP should be able to walk away from this disaster without being held to account.