Contains: Soy

Last night, radar showed a wintry mix with ice around town. This morning, it’s 22º. 🥶

Pete and Repeat are sitting on a fence. Pete fell off. Who’s left?

My friend @mrbeefy’s mbnov post for today was clever and I want to steal it.

Something tells me the Good Nerds never left IRC and Usenet and they’re all laughing at us tonight.

I’m not sure who could look at Musk, Trump, and Bezos and think, “Yup, billionaires are a good thing that should absolutely exist.”

I was already glad I deleted my Twitter account.

Now I’m very, very glad I did.

I haven’t read a novel in ages.

“You see, we can’t afford to be seen to do business with whatever it is you’re accused of being.” - everyone leaving Twitter

Picked up the new Pokémon game but my kids found it on my desk and nicked it. They’re enjoying it, though, so that’s good.

Got in the car this morning and yet another tire is low on pressure. The alarm for that is exceedingly loud. Probably doesn’t help that it got into the mid-20s here last night.

Today was not exactly a barrel of monkies.

I often forget that franchise can mean the right to vote.

Folks who delete stuff from Twitter: keep in mind that there’s no way to be certain that content isn’t being soft-deleted and maintained in perpetuity without your knowledge. 🫥

My biggest problem with using Stage Manager on the iPad is that I’ve been so trained into using split screen for everything that I just run everything side-by-side instead of letting the windows overlap.

I miss the way Jony Ive would say “aluminium.”

I very much did not want to leave the bed this morning.

How you can tell your kids are getting older: it took us all less than a week to adjust to daylight saving time.

I have a sneaking suspicion that our neighbors are getting ready to move.

What’s going on at Twitter will be documented and presented to future generations as an excellent display of what NOT to do when running a business, particularly a technology business.

I want to be the Minister of Silly Walks.

Elon Musk is Sylvester McMonkey McBean.

I kinda want to set up my own Mastodon instance. I’m pretty sure I won’t because I really don’t have the time. But I’m not 100% certain I won’t.

What’s the LD50 on edible glitter?

Hey, my friend @samureiser is here!

Kinda wishing I had tossed some Everything But The Bagel seasoning on them before putting them in the oven.