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I want an audio generating AI so I can say, “Play Christmas in Hollis as Cradle of Filth.”

We fight because we have been pressed into a corner, a choice between two types of world. We fight because the cost would be too great if we didn’t, we have a whole world to lose. We also fight because the fight itself has value, the method of the fight is not just the window to the new world, it is its entirety.

  • Shane Burley

Source: a friend texted this to me.

My apologies. Prince WROTE Manic Monday. The Bangles covered it.


TIL that Prince covered Manic Monday. 🤯

It is Friday. Friday is when I clean all my screens. Everything looks GORGEOUS.

Harrison Ford is gonna punch Nazis in a movie again. This is what we need. More of this.

Read some news over the last couple of days after avoiding it for a couple of months. I continue to be worried about the safety of LGBTQ+ folks.

True fact: I do not eat fish. Or seafood.

(Another weird post brought to you by mbnov.)

Hello there. 🕷️

Uh oh. I’m having that mid-vacation feeling of, “When I get home, I’m gonna start doing EVERYTHING differently.” I know it’s a lie. 😭

I very much appreciate the current trend of web sites heading back to their open protocol roots.

Look at this dog.

24 hours in a cabin. Result? I miss my dog. (She’s at a very nice doggy hotel.)

I have lost all motivation to exercise.

Outside the cabin with my oldest looking at the stars. As we were about to go inside: HOOOOWWWLLLL then another howl and then a bunch of coyotes went NUTS. Now I’m listening to two owls. 🐺 🦉

I’m in a cabin with my family for the next four days and we have one bar of LTE.

I have made a commitment to complete mbnov despite some of my posts feeling forced.

I’m too grown up to be goth these days, but that doesn’t mean I can’t raise a couple. 🧛‍♀️🕸️🎃🐈‍⬛

The first thing our youngest said to us this morning was, “Can we watch the next episode of Wednesday?”

Oh right. THAT’s why I don’t take days off. #CantRelax #MustDoChores

Even though I already knew a lot of the stuff at the start of this video, the second half was pretty eye-opening.

How Capitalism Destroyed The Internet

We have introduced the children to the concept of pie-for-breakfast.

“Age has cost you your strength. Victory has defeated you.” - my anxiety telling me that I’ve gotten too comfortable

Playing Wordle first thing in the morning has become a weird ritual for me. It focuses just enough brain power to wake me up. But now that they’ve started curating the words, I’m finding it less fun.