AT&T Confident on Time Warner Merger After Talking to Trump Team

Ars Technica:

“After talking with the president-elect’s team, AT&T executives are confident that their deal has a good chance of passing regulatory scrutiny, people informed about the conversation said.”

The only campaign promise that Trump made that I was enthusiastic about was his guarantee to shut down this merger. I didn’t believe he’d do it, though. He’s too pro-business and too easily bought to actually enforce any sort of regulations.

A Cry for Help: Some Children’s App Publishers Are Getting “App Fatigue”

From Children’s Technology Review:

“It just might be” said Toca Boca leader Björn Jefferey, “that there is no viable business model.” Jefferey was referring specifically to the creation and distribution of high quality, paid apps, with no advertising, subscriptions or IAP (In App Purchases). Jefferey backed up his comment with references to some industry statistics and the fact that he had just spend the past 12 months looking for a new corporate home for his acclaimed studio (Toca Boca/Sago Mini is now part of Spin Master Toys).

Depressing. My kids really love some of the Sago Mini games. I had no idea that they had sold their business to a conglomerate.

How to Fight Fascism

Mike Monteiro:

We do not work with fascists. There is no reason to reach out to fascists. We don’t build bridges to fascism. We burn down the bridges that link them to us. These are people who think those who don’t look like them as subhumans. I have no desire to reach across the aisle to that deplorable vomitous shit.

Trump Takes Aim at First Amendment


The big question is whether Trump’s comments, which would be extraordinary coming from any other incoming president, should be interpreted as a sign of intent or simply another example of the unusual way in which he blows off steam so publicly.

1) It doesn’t matter who said it. If an incoming president–any incoming president–says this, its extraordinary. Period. Shame on CNN for giving him a pass on this.

2) When dealing with an authoritarian, always take him at his word. Do not excuse this as “blowing off steam.” If he said it, he meant it. Act accordingly.

Stay On Target: 2016-11-29

Today, Donald Trump said he’d revoke citizenship or jail people who burned flags:

Here’s what he was trying to distract you from:

He beat and raped his ex-wife because surgery to fix his hairline was painful: Documenting Trump’s Abuse of Women

Another possible cabinet pick let an inmate die of thirst: Trump’s likely homeland security pick let an inmate die of thirst in his jail

His conflicts of interests now span some 20 countries; again, this makes him impeachable or possibly unelectable by the electoral college unless he divests: The Trump conflicts of interest we can see are just the tip of the iceberg

His chief of staff is a climate denier (and his entire administration will follow suit): Priebus confirms that climate denial will be the official policy of Trump’s administration

Remember that education secretary that hates gay marriage? She hates public schools, too: Trump’s Billionaire Education Secretary Has Been Trying to Gut Public Schools for Years

A Few Things to Remember About Donald Trump

He’s a liar: Trump Claims, With No Evidence, That ‘Millions of People’ Voted Illegally

His administration looks poised to take away or dramatically restrict voting rights: Voting Rights in the Age of Trump

He refuses to divest himself of his business interests, which makes him impeachable at best and unelectable by the electoral college at worst: Potential Conflicts Around the Globe for Trump, the Businessman President

His appointee for education secretary, a billionaire with no political experience, tried to ban same-sex marriage: LGBTQ students have much to fear from Trump’s Education pick Betsy DeVos

Related: many other senior staff picks are anti-gay: Trump May Not Be Anti-Gay, But Much of His Senior Staff Is

No seriously, he’s a fucking liar: Trump: A True Story

His chief strategist would like it if only property owners could vote (especially if it hurts African-American voters): Bannon said he’d prefer if only property owners could vote

One of his choices for Secretary of State plead guilty of mishandling classified information, which he excoriated the current Secretary of State for doing: Trump Meets With Patraeus as Secretary of State Fight Continues