Damage Report 2017-02-20

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis had to reassure the Iraqi people that, contrary to what Trump says, the U.S. is not intending to steal their oil (apnews.com)

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist who believes Pizzagate was real and the Sandy Hook school shooting was fake, “is apparently taking on a new role as occasional information source and validator for the president” (nytimes.com)

The Conservative Political Action Conference un-invited a speaker after he defended pedophilia; Trump is expected to speak at the conference even though he’s admitted to sexual assault (politico.com)

Russia compiles psychological dossier on Trump for Putin (nbcnews.com)

People in the UK really don’t want “racist and sexist” Trump to be allowed to come to Britain for a state visit (theguardian.com)

Yep, the U.S. gave a ‘Make Somalia Great Again’ hat to the country’s president (mashable.com)

Swedish police featured in Fox News segment: Filmmaker is a madman (dn.se)

Trump tweets further criticism of Sweden for absolutely no reason whatsoever (bostonglobe.com)

“Sarah Sanders, a Trump spokeswoman, responded to questions about selling access Sunday by saying that Trump’s visits to Mar-a-Lago make him accessible to “regular Americans,” even though the membership fee is roughly four times the median family income, per the US Census Bureau.” (cnn.com)

CIA agent resigns because he “cannot in good faith serve this administration as an intelligence professional” (washingtonpost.com)

Republican Senator Mark Chelgren aims to purge democrats from Iowa universities (iowastartingline.com)

UPenn paper exposes Trump’s lies about graduating at top of his class (theroot.com)

“Russian demanding that Trump ‘fulfill pre-election promises’ on Crimea” (twitter.com)

Virginia House finalizes bill to legalize anti-LGBT discrimination by taxpayer-funded agencies (joemygod.com)

Trump’s first budget would end program to help low-income Americans get lawyers (thinkprogress.org)

Trump’s former aide concedes there was no voter fraud in New Hampshire (huffingtonpost.com)

Republicans are planning to roll back Obama’s fair housing legacy (vox.com)

Trump has over 6 million fake followers on Twitter (twitteraudit.com)

Damage Report 2017-02-19

Trump is helping to undermine the government of Ukraine (nytimes.com)

Sweden has no idea what Trump meant when he said, ‘You look at what’s happening … in Sweden’ (washingtonpost.com)

Sweden contacts State Department to ask what the hell Trump was talking about at his rally on Saturday (apnews.com)

Carl Bernstein: Trump’s attacks on the press ‘more treacherous’ than Nixon’s (cnn.com)

Trump family trips cost taxpayers $11.3m in one month – almost as much as Obama’s cost in a year (independent.co.uk)

DHS chief signs sweeping new deportation guidelines “to hire thousands of new enforcement agents, widen the classification of immigrants who should be prioritized for removal, speed up deportation hearings and use local law enforcement to make arrests” (thehill.com)

Trump’s lawyer hand-delivered Michael Flynn a secret plan to lift sanctions on Russia (businessinsider.com)

Stephen Miller, who has zero experience as a lawyer and no law degree, called Brooklyn U.S. Attorney at home and told him how to defend travel ban in court (nydailynews.com)

Betsy DeVos, a billionaire who “has no professional experience in public education,” criticized teachers at D.C. school she visited — and they are not having it (washingtonpost.com)

Republican Jason Chaffetz on co-sponsoring bill: ‘We simply don’t need the Department of Education’ (ksl.com)

Scott Pruitt plans to get rid of EPA rules that he once tried to have removed via lawsuits as attorney general of Oklahoma (wsj.com)

Republicans in the House sanctioned killing hibernating bears, wolf pups in their dens on federal refuges in Alaska (humanesociety.org)

Utah Republican argues against equal pay for women: It’s ‘bad for families’ and society (washingtonpost.com)

Republican congressman says constituents asking for a town hall are ‘enemies’ of democracy (thinkprogress.org)

Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warns Trump’s National Security Council is ‘dysfunctional’ (politico.com)

Defense Secretary Mattis becomes the latest high-ranking government official to publicly disagree with Trump (washingtonpost.com)

The U.S. is sending an aircraft carrier to the South China Sea, ignoring warnings from China (thedailybeast.com)

London mayor cites ‘cruel’ Trump policies on immigration, says president should be denied state visit (apnews.com)

The Trump regime may prosecute parents who immigrate with young children (buzzfeed.com)

“The Senate Intelligence Committee is asking more than a dozen agencies, organizations and individuals to preserve communications related to the panel’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election” (cnn.com)

Trump is asking for donations specifically to fight the media (twitter.com)

The 2020 presidential campaign has begun (nytimes.com)

Damage Report 2017-02-18

U.S. inquiries into Russian election hacking include three FBI probes (reuters.com)

Trump holds 2020 campaign rally to continue fight with the media (apnews.com)

At rally, Trump claims “there was no way to vet those [immigrants], there was no documentation, there was no nothing,” which is a lie (nytimes.com)

White House chief of staff says take Trump seriously when he calls press “the enemy” (cbsnews.com)

Priebus: ‘Nothing wrong’ with Flynn talking about sanctions with Russian ambassador (politico.com)

David Petraeus has also turned down the National Security Adviser job (twitter.com)

Petraeus turned down the job because he wouldn’t be able to pick his own staff (wsj.com)

Betsy DeVos’s brother, the founder of Blackwater, is setting up a private army for China (buzzfeed.com)

Memos signed by DHS secretary describe sweeping new guidelines for deporting illegal immigrants (washingtonpost.com)

In leaked audio, Trump invites Bedminster, New Jersey golf club guests to join him as he interviews cabinet staff (politico.com)

“The managing director of Mar-a-Lago bluntly calls the presidency a value-add for new members.” (twitter.com and nytimes.com)

ICE arrested & imprisoned a 23-Year-Old DREAMer and DACA recipient living legally in the U.S. (democracynow.org)

Michael Flynn was paid $40k to appear at Russia Today dinner in 2015 (newyorker.com)

Trump says he inherited a mess–here are the numbers he actually inherited (npr.org)

Russia is starting to turn its back on Trump (rawstory.com)

Trump’s sons heading to Dubai as business interests continue to expand overseas–American taxpayers footed the Secret Service costs (npr.org)

“It would be a ‘non-military declaration of war’ should Trump continue to advocate against the EU” (twitter.com)

Trump yells at CIA director over reports intel officials are keeping info from him (cbsnews.com)

White House dismisses NSC aide after harsh criticism of Trump (politico.com)

“The FT investigated Donald Trump’s ties to Russia and found a mix of bling, business and bluster spanning 30 years” (ft.com)

Trump has yet to nominate people for 662 positions in the executive branch (washingtonpost.com)

McCain: Trump’s attacks on press are ‘how dictators get started’ (politico.com)

Pence reassures Europe, says the exact opposite of what Trump has said over the last four weeks (politico.com)

China violated its own law to grant Trump a trademark (thinkprogress.org)

“Trump may prohibit @EPA from considering public health co-benefits of regulations—that limiting CO2 also reduces other dangerous pollutants” (twitter.com and motherjones.com)

“The leader of the “Blacks for Trump” group seated directly behind @POTUS used to be part of a murder cult.” (twitter.com and nymag.com)

Coincidentally, as Reuters report was released, a bunch of accts simultaneously posted stories falsely claiming Trump was cleared by FBI.” (twitter.com)

“The reporter who asked the softball Melania question at Trump’s press conference was 19. His TV network was made up.” (twitter.com and nytimes.com)

Ted Nugent considers running against Kid Rock to be Michigan’s next GOP senator (consequenceofsound.net)

Damage Report 2017-02-17

Trump calls media the “enemy of the American people” (talkingpointsmemo.com)

Trump weighs mobilizing national guard for immigration roundups (bloomberg.com)

Trump regime says draft order to use national guard for immigration roundups doesn’t exist–here’s a copy (documentcloud.org)

Here’s another copy (vox-cdn.com)

“Nine asylum-seekers, including four children, barely made it across the Canadian border on Friday as a U.S. border patrol officer tried to stop them”

Senate confirms climate-change denier Scott Pruitt to lead EPA, an agency he sued multiple times as Oklahoma attorney general (washingtonpost.com)

800 EPA employees signed a letter opposing Scott Pruitt’s confirmation (twitter.com)

“Anxiety” abounds at EPA as Senate confirms Pruitt (politico.com)

Federal Highway Administration changes mentions of “climate change” to “resilience” in transportation program (washingtonpost.com)

“The Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee, who has refused Democratic requests to investigate possible conflicts of interest involving President Donald Trump, is seeking criminal charges against a former State Department employee who helped set up Hillary Clinton’s private email server.” (washingtonpost.com)

Trump transition ordered government economists to cook up rosy growth forecasts (vox.com)

Trump headed to Mar-a-Lago for third straight weekend, obliterating campaign promise (thinkprogress.org)

Trump family’s elaborate lifestyle is a “logistical nightmare” — at taxpayer expense (washingtonpost.com)

Trump says “hire American” while his properties continue to hire foreign workers (twitter.com)

The GOP’s latest plan gives the wealthy extra help to buy insurance (vox.com)

Trump launches a horribly biased survey about the media’s role in portraying the failure of his regime (npr.org)

Betsy DeVos is now being guarded by U.S. Marshals because she’s afraid of protestors (washingtonpost.com)

Trump trademark in China may violate Constitution (politico.com)

“The Trump administration is moving to expand social media checks to cover Chinese citizens traveling to the U.S.” (politico.com)

Tillerson presides over abrupt shakeup at State Department (cnn.com)

Trump’s claim that Hillary Clinton gave Russia “20 percent of our uranium” was a lie (vox.com)

Trump’s budget would kill PBS, the National Endowments for the Arts, more (nytimes.com)

HUD official fired for criticizing Trump (cnn.com)

Trump’s approval rating just hit a new low – 39% (washingtonpost.com)

David Duke swoons over Trump presser: “We understand. We realize.” (shareblue.com)

Republican senator in Oregon put together a bill requiring universities to expel students convicted of rioting (oregonlive.com)

Out of spite, Trump regime kills California’s Caltrain electrification project (sfchronicle.com)

Trump is the oldest person American president, and his family has a history of dementia (npr.org)

Trump regime is “paying people to attend their Tampa rally this weekend” (twitter.com)

Damage Report 2017-02-16

Trump’s press conference was an unmitigated disaster (vox.com)

Trump shows his white supremacist streak by pathetically bullying Black and Jewish reporters (shareblue.com)

Trump said he’s not racist; this is a lie (vox.com)

Trump said he wants a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus. The caucus tried weeks ago.

Trump was asked repeatedly if his campaign was in contact with Russia. He wouldn’t answer. (thinkprogress.org)

Trump’s attacks on the media worse than Nixon’s (apnews.com)

Harward turns down Trump’s national security adviser offer, showed concerns about Bannon making national security decisions (politico.com)

Scott Pruitt, who has sued the EPA numerous times, moves closer to approval as head of the EPA (apnews.com)

Judge orders Scott Puritt to release emails by Tuesday (politico.com)

The EPA’s social-media accounts have been silent since the inauguration (washingtonpost.com)

Flynn lied to the FBI about his contact with Russian ambassador, which is a felony (washingtonpost.com)

Pentagon finds no records of Flynn’s 2015 Russia trip (politico.com)

Donald Trump’s explanation for why he fired Michael Flynn makes no sense (vox.com)

The House just voted to make it easier for states to defund Planned Parenthood (vox.com)

Republican Health proposal would redirect money from poor to rich (nytimes.com)

Republican Health care proposal would cover fewer low-income families (npr.org)

China gives Trump a valuable trademark after he agrees to honor the One China policy (npr.org)

“More than 200 Republicans in Congress are skipping February town halls with constituents” (vice.com)

ICE agents arrest domestic violence victim as she left the courtroom seeking a protective order from the man who turned her in (elpasotimes.com)

Immigration raids continue to round up people without criminal records (washingtonpost.com)

House Democrats say they were kicked out of meeting with ICE official (politico.com)

Classified memo tells intelligence analysts to keep Trump’s daily brief short and go easy on the nuance (motherjones.com)

Confirmation hearings to be held for Gorsuch; still no confirmation hearings for Obama’s Supreme Court nominee (politico.com)

Kremlin tells media to cut back on fawning Trump coverage, sources say (bloomberg.com)

Trump is losing executive branch nominees faster than he’s designating new ones (vox.com)

Trump’s F-35 calls came with a surprise: rival CEO was listening (bloomberg.com)

Rex Tillerson has been largely absent as Secretary of State (nytimes.com)

Ditching NAFTA could hurt america’s farmers more than Mexico’s (npr.org)

White House dismisses 6, including Trump’s director of scheduling, over failed background checks (politico.com)

Trump’s new labor nominee oversaw politicized hiring at justice department (motherjones.com)

Most of the White House’s Asian American advisory commission has resigned in protest of Trump (fusion.net)

Texas senator shatters table trying to silence woman testifying against anti-abortion bill (sacurrent.com)

“Aide stops Pres Trump from leaving bill-signing ceremony because he hadn’t yet signed the regulation repeal measure.” (twitter.com)

“Forty-three percent of voters are ready to vote for a nameless Democrat in 2020” (politico.com)

Kid Rock reportedly mentioned as potential GOP senate candidate (complex.com)

Damage Report 2017-02-15

Andrew Puzder’s ex-wife told Oprah he threatened ‘you will pay for’ publicly discussing that he abused her (politico.com)

After video appears, Puzder withdraws as a labor secretary nominee (cnn.com)

Spies keep intelligence from Trump due to “deep mistrust between intelligence community and president” (wsj.com)

U.S. allies are conducting intelligence operations against Trump staff and associates and have intercepted communications (newsweek.com)

“President Trump plans to assign a New York billionaire to lead a broad review of American intelligence agencies” (nytimes.com)

Trump regime cuts sign-up period for Affordable Care Act in half, reduces special enrollment periods; enrollments expected to decline as a result (bloomberg.com)

Trump lies, says Flynn’s Russia connections are fake news (ap.org)

Trump lies, says reports of Kremlin ties are cover for “Clinton’s losing campaign” (politico.com)

Russia’s missile deployment freaks out NATO; Trump regime says nothing (apnews.com)

Mattis demands other NATO countries increase military spending or the US will “moderate its commitment” to NATO (apnews.com)

Trump, asked about anti-Semitism during press conference with Netanyahu, brags about election victory (politico.com)

Trump says US not committed to two-state Israel-Palestine solution (theguardian.com)

Trump is holding a “campaign rally” this weekend in Florida; campaign ended over three months ago (politico.com)

Serial liar Kellyanne Conway, who retweeted a white supremacist yesterday, is facing an Office of Government Ethics investigation (secondnexus.com)

‘Morning Joe’ bans Kellyanne Conway because “she’s not credible anymore” (thedailybeast.com)

Trump says Flynn was treated unfairly, a day after Sean Spicer said Flynn was fired by Trump himself (washingtonpost.com)

FBI releases documents related to Trump apartment discrimination case (thehill.com)

Carter Page, at Center of Trump Russian Investigation, Writes Bizarre Letter to DOJ Blaming Hillary Clinton (theintercept.com)

RFK Jr. says Trump still wants anti-vaccine “safety commission” (politico.com)

Republicans aren’t into Benghazi-style investigations under Trump (apnews.com)

The House GOP won’t investigate Trump due to “executive privilege” (vox.com)

House Republicans “not flinching” on Trump-Russia investigation: “It’s not a story playing back home” (rawstory.com)

GOP rep doubles down on criticism of intelligence community, says it’s too “dishonest” to “accept at face value” on Russia (thehill.com)

“House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz requested Wednesday that the Department of Justice launch an investigation into the leaks surrounding the ouster of Michael Flynn.” Says they won’t investigate Flynn because “the situation was ‘working itself out.'” (politico.com)

Senior intelligence official: “[Donald Trump] will die in jail” (pajiba.com)

Trump signs law rolling back disclosure rule for energy and mining companies (washingtonpost.com)

Florida Republican Matt Gaetz introduces bill to terminate the Environmental Protection Agency (congress.gov)

Trump’s federal hiring freeze is wreaking havoc on the EPA (washingtonpost.com)

Republicans are trying to kill the Endangered Species Act (washingtonpost.com)

Gateway Pundit, a conservative site known for spreading hoaxes, joins the White House briefing room (politico.com)

White supremacists are trying to take down Reince Priebus after Mike Flynn’s firing (theatlantic.com)

In college, Trump aide Stephen Miller led controversial “Terrorism Awareness Project” warning of ‘Islamofascism’ (cnn.com)

Stephen Miller Follows David Duke On Twitter, And “Liked” Duke’s Pizzagate Tweet (http://littlegreenfootballs.com)

Dan Rather: “Watergate is the biggest political scandal of my lifetime, until maybe now” (vox.com)

Republicans in Congress block rule barring mentally impaired from buying guns (politico.com)

U.S. drops insistence on two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict (wsj.com)

Anti-Muslim hate groups have tripled with the rise of Trump (motherjones.com)

Texas becomes first state to support Trump’s Muslim ban (statesman.com)

The Trump regime has detained a DREAMer, protected from deportation, for the last 5 days (thinkprogress.org)

New York attorney general reviewing request to bring action to dissolve Trump Organization (thinkprogress.org)

Trump appoints failed baseball team owner as ambassador to France (deadspin.com)

Lots of people (publicly) regret voting for Trump (nytimes.com)

Americans are seriously stressed out about the future of the country, survey finds (washingtonpost.com)

Damage Report 2017-02-13

Michael Flynn resigns as national security adviser (nytimes.com)

Acting attorney general Sally Yates was fired shortly after she informed the White House that Michael Flynn was vulnerable to Russian blackmail (nytimes.com)

Michael Flynn may have used encryption to hide Russia talks from US (rawstory.com)

Before he resigned, 40 House Democrats called for Flynn’s resignation (usatoday.com)

Beyond Flynn, other ties bind the White House to the Kremlin (washingtonpost.com)

White House advisor Stephen Miller was known as a racist in high school (univision.com)

Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer says he’s friends with Stephen Miller (motherjones.com)

Reality-star-turned-White-House-communications-official Omarosa Manigault physically threatened White House reporter, claimed Trump has dossiers on several journalists (washingtonpost.com)

Trump regime “is weak, rudderless, incompetent, and plagued by backbiting” (newrepublic.com)

Senate confirms former Goldman Sachs partner Mnuchin as treasury secretary (washingtonpost.com)

America’s biggest creditors dump treasuries in warning to Trump (bloomberg.com)

The White House tells media to ask Kris Kobach to prove there’s voter fraud. They do. He doesn’t. (washingtonpost.com)

Twenty-one states are trying to pass voter-suppression laws after Trump regime lies about voter fraud in New Hampshire (thenation.com)

Republicans admit that they’ll accept whatever Trump does so long as their regressive agenda gets shoved through (nytimes.com)

Yale Professor: “We have at most a year to defend American democracy, perhaps less” (sueddeutsche.de)

Trump moves spark Iraqi anger, calls against future alliance (apnews.com)

Oklahoma lawmakers want men to approve all abortions, treat women as “hosts” to fetuses (theintercept.com)

White House goes full-on Minority Report, claims deportations will stop crimes before they happen (huffingtonpost.com)

“Cops and firefighters voted overwhelmingly for Republicans in Iowa and are now shocked to learn that Republicans are anti-union” (motherjones.com)

Republicans want to slash FEMA’s disaster budget (motherjones.com)

The Trump regime hasn’t re-opened the White House for public tours (washingtonpost.com)

Trump picked his ambassador to Austria because he loves The Sound of Music (palmbeachdailynews.com)

Trump, on vacation at Mar-a-Lago last weekend, took time to MC a wedding (video) (twitter.com)

More than 84% of Canadians disapprove of Trump (washingtonpost.com)

Damage Report 2017-02-12

White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller repeats lie that voter fraud is widespread in New Hampshire (washingtonpost.com)

Stephen Miller claims proposed US-Mexico border wall “will pay for itself many, many, many times over.” (twitter.com)

Stephen Miller’s bushels of Pinocchios for false voter-fraud claims (washingtonpost.com)

As Flynn falls under growing pressure over Russia contacts, Trump remains silent (washingtonpost.com)

White House trying to decide whether Flynn should be fired (wsj.com)

Trump’s state visit to the U.K. has been put off so he won’t have the opportunity to speak in front of Parliament (bloomberg.com)

Trump tweets that supporters were rallied outside Mar-a-Lago–they were actually protestors (palmbeachpost.com)

Saudi Arabian lobbying firm paid for rooms at Trump’s D.C. hotel, a clear violation of the emoluments clause (politico.com)

After North Korea fires a test missile, Trump suddenly backs Japan even after slagging them on the campaign trail (cnn.com and twitter.com)

Trump discusses strategy with Japanese PM after North Korean missile launch in full view of diners at Mar-a-Lago restaurant (cnn.com)

Trump admits that Gestapo-style ICE raids are his doing (washingtonpost.com)

‘He doesn’t like this sh*t’: Trump reportedly hates his job and his staff after less than a month (rawstory.com)

Bookies are taking bets on Trump’s impeachment (politico.com)

Serial liar Kellyanne Conway is trying to earn herself a better seat at Trump’s table (politico.com)

Trump lies, says 14 percent of noncitizens are registered to vote (politifact.com)

A US-born NASA scientist was detained at the border until he unlocked his phone (theverge.com)

Bernie Sanders calls Trump a ‘pathological liar’; Al Franken says ‘a few’ Republicans think Trump is mentally ill (washingtonpost.com)

After Trump says no new deals, his sons are making new deals, which are leading to more conflicts of interest (nytimes.com)

Trump continues Twitter attack on courts over stay of immigration order (abcnews.go.com)

Trump friend says Priebus is ‘in way over his head’ (washingtonpost.com)

Trump adviser wears medal of Nazi collaborators (lobelog.com)

Former ICE chief says Trump immigration policies will hit more people, harder (dallasnews.com)

Refugee center in Winnipeg has run out of space due to influx of U.S. refugees (cbc.ca)

Intelligence community pushes back against a White House it considers leaky, untruthful, and penetrated by the Kremlin (observer.com)

Trump claims Bernie Sanders was cut off of CNN for saying “fake news”; he was in the midst of criticizing Trump (twitter.com)

The Republican Party’s twitter account is celebrating Lincoln’s birthday with a fake quote (vox.com)

DeVos’s Education Department misspells name of NAACP co-founder in tweet — and the apology had a mistake (washingtonpost.com)

Trump’s official inauguration poster has glaring typo (thehill.com)

Damage Report 2017-02-11

CIA denies security clearance to one of Flynn’s aides (politico.com)

Flynn lied to Pence about discussing sanctions with Russian ambassador (politico.com)

Here’s Flynn giving a standing ovation to Vladimir Putin (americablog.com)

Republican Jason Chaffetz lies, claims paid protestors disrupted his town hall meeting (deseretnews.com)

Republicans are shutting off their phones, dodging town hall meetings to avoid angry constituents (vox.com)

Republican Bill Akins claims Obamacare creates “death panels”–turns out he’s a racist and a birther who thinks chemtrails are real and Hillary Clinton had her political rivals murdered (washingtonpost.com)

Trump continues to provoke Iran (alarabiya.net)

Donald Trump is helping Iran’s radicals (economist.com)

Trump wants nuclear arms race, doesn’t seem to understand the implications of nuclear war (politico.com)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police helped a refugee family cross the US border to safety (twitter.com)

The White House is interviewing possible candidates to replace Sean Spicer as press secretary (washingtonian.com)

Trump blocks Tillerson’s pick for deputy secretary of state because he was mean to him during his campaign (politico.com)

Trump’s recent Super Bowl weekend at Mar-a-Lago cost tax payers $3 million (nytimes.com)

Republicans are moving fast at the state level to kill unions, make abortion illegal, create gender-specific public bathrooms, defund Planned Parenthood (nytimes.com)

The justice department is taking a step back from efforts to protect transgender people under existing law (buzzfeed.com)

North Dakota bill for LGBTQ protections fails for fourth time in 8 years thanks to Republican opposition (dailydot.com)

Protests erupt in NYC over immigration enforcement raids (thehill.com)

Nationwide protests are happening today over Trump administration’s plans to defund Planned Parenthood (vox.com)

High school students in Pennsylvania “sang racial chants” at black basketball players while holding a Trump/Pence sign (dailymail.co.uk)

Website for disabled kids disappears as DeVos takes office (seattlepi.com)

During Trump’s weekend with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the press were stuck in a basement that had trash bags taped over the windows (usatoday.com)

Trump claims media has abused his daughter (politico.com)

61% of voters don’t want the Trump administration to drop regulations on businesses and corporations (politico.com)

Trump again claims refugees are flooding into America, which is a lie (nytimes.com)

Al Franken to Maher: GOP senators privately express ‘great concern’ about Trump’s temperament (washingtonpost.com)

Canadian town’s school board forbids student trips to United States citing unsafe political climate (windsorstar.com)

Election commissioner to Trump: Show evidence of voter fraud (thehill.com)

White nationalist movement growing much faster than Isis on Trump’s social network of choice (independent.co.uk)

The complete list of all 57 false things Donald Trump has said as president (thestar.com)

Damage Report 2017-02-10

US investigators corroborate some aspects of the Russia dossier (cnn.com)

On meeting with senators, Trump lies about vote fraud again, repeatedly calls Senator Warren “Pocahontas,” declares without evidence that Senator Maggie Hassan was fraudulently elected (politico.com)

CBS News: Trump is ‘divorced from reality,’ saying things that are ‘imaginary or fabricated’ (dailykos.com)

Oops: Trump calls court’s decision ‘disgraceful’ — by citing an article that says it was right (washingtonpost.com)

Trump gives up on plan to take travel ban fight to Supreme Court, wants to defend its merits (cnbc.com)

Trump’s chief of staff says he expects new executive orders to be “enacted soon” in response to a federal court decision to block the administration’s Muslim ban (apnews.com)

Tom Price, who wants to cut federal funding to Planned Parenthood, confirmed as head of Health and Human Services during 2 am vote (apnews.com)

The controversy around HHS secretary Tom Price’s stock portfolio, explained (vox.com)

Of course Trump’s health secretary is a friend of big tobacco (motherjones.com)

Trump’s national security adviser Flynn addressed U.S. sanctions against Russia in his conversations with the country’s ambassador while President Barack Obama was still in office, a new report said, contradicting previous claims that the issue was not discussed. (apnews.com)

In attempt to distract from Flynn’s treason, Russia considers returning Snowden to U.S. to ‘curry favor’ with Trump (cnbc.com)

Federal agents conduct immigration enforcement raids in at least six states (washingtonpost.com)

ICE agents reportedly detain undocumented immigrants in Austin (texasobserver.org)

The Trump deportation regime has begun (motherjones.com)

Fear spreads in L.A. after immigration ‘raid,’ advocates claim. Officials say arrests are ‘routine.” (washingtonpost.com)

Sweeping immigration raids also being conducted in Texas (statesman.com)

Revealed: FBI terrorism taskforce investigating Standing Rock activists (theguardian.com)

A leaked report says the border wall will cost $21.6 billion — almost twice what Trump says (vox.com)

Americans now evenly divided on impeaching Trump (publicpolicypolling.com)

42% of Americans believe the world views the U.S. favorably (gallup.com)

Only 29% of Americans think Trump is respected in the world (vox.com)

People are openly speculating about their fears of a Trump administration Reichstag fire (nytimes.com)

Trump’s Indonesian business partner brags about his access (motherjones.com)

Canadian Muslim grilled about her faith and view on Trump at US border stop (theguardian.com)

Trump’s economic plans represent a threat to the world (cnbc.com)

Bipartisan Senate group demands briefing on botched Yemen raid (thehill.com)

White supremacist Steve Bannon cited Italian thinker who inspired fascists (nytimes.com)

Rupert Murdoch-owned outlets get only US questions at Trump-Japan press event (thehill.com)

Conflict over Trump forces out an opinion editor at The Wall Street Journal (theatlantic.com)

Trump reportedly plans to refocus violent extremism initiative on Muslims (npr.org)

Trump to Dems: ‘Pocahontas is now the face of your party’ (cnn.com)

Trump doesn’t know how to properly address the Japanese Prime Minister, calls him Prime Minister Shinzō (twitter.com)

Trump is mad at Sean Spicer for saying Kellyanne Conway was “counseled” over Ivanka product endorsement (ap.org)

Being president is harder than Donald Trump thought, according to aides and allies who say that he’s growing increasingly frustrated with the challenges of running the massive federal bureaucracy. (politico.com)